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The rapid rise in the popularity of vaping has naturally brought about a great deal of interest in our retail opportunity.

Often, smokers will discover an Electronic Cigarette somewhere when they are out and about. Some may like it and some may find the experience doesn’t live up to the hype. Perhaps for some the Ecigarette they buy is not very good or perhaps they don’t like the taste. However, many smokers really like the experience and want to know more about vaping. These vapers will want to progress to really good equipment and the chance to choose exactly the Eliquid they prefer.

Vaping is a very personal thing and when people decide to try the change from Smoking to Vaping they often need face to face advice and assistance from someone in the know.

Also, when vapers know that there is a store they can easily access locally they feel more comfortable. Obviously, if our customer has to wait for items to be delivered they don’t have the immediacy or convenience of our local stockists. Knowing that they can easily get hold of Vapes Eliquids really is the most important thing to our customers. We are committed to making that experience as easy and as much fun as possible.

We have designed our retail offering very carefully, taking in to account the needs of both our customers and our retailers. Our hardware is chosen for quality and reliability. We take massive pride in our Eliquids which are manufactured in the UK and carry our promise of ‘Fuller Flavour’. Our retailers are finding that our Eliquids are selling very well and proving that customer loyalty really isn’t a thing of the past. Once our customers have found the Eliquid in the Vapes range that suits them they will stay with the enjoyment and keep coming back for more.

Our retailers find it easy to get started with us. We have some outlets in the form of ‘specialist shop’ where they represent the Vapes brand and the whole business is about Vapes products. Other outlets are ‘shop within shop’ where there is an existing trade and the retailer has devoted a special area in the shop to our Vaping products.

We always advise our new retailers on all Vapes internal and external signage and our retailers are fully trained to be conversant in Vapes products and to have the confidence to advise their customers.

It is also possible to purchase the Distribution rights for some of our products in defined geographic areas. If you have the ability to make a success of selling our convenience products in to other outlets, such as shops, bars and nightclubs, there could be serious opportunity for you.

If you feel this opportunity could be for you don’t delay, be sure to look us up.

Vapes equipment is stylish, far healthier and very much cheaper than ordinary cigarettes. Electronic Smoking Retail Distribution Opportunity Business For Sale. As a Retail Distributor you will be able to sell the full range of Vapes products and benefit from high profit margin.

Having been interested and very much involved in Vaping for the past few years, the criticism was rightly levelled at me that I am too close to the subject and assume that everyone now understands how an Electronic Cigarette or Vape actually works.

So what are they ?

Well, every Ecigarette, of whatever type and whatever name, whether called an Electronic Cigarette, Ecigarette, EgoC, EgoT,Vape, PowerVape, MegaVape, LavaTube, or one of countless other names, actually works on the same principles and uses essentially the same components.

You will always find a Battery, an Atomizer and a reservoir which holds the Eliquid.

How does it work ?

The idea behind Electronic Smoking is to superheat glycol liquid. The reason we use glycol is that it cleverly changes state from liquid to vapour when superheated. The glycol vapour replaces the smoke a normal cigarette produces, but with no combustion. This means that the user can enjoy the experience of smoking without smoke. Glycols have been used in inhalation medicines since the 1950s and it is generally thought that the body can deal with them with no ill effects.

The way we superheat the glycol is to allow it to make its way across a superheated coil within the atomizer.

The glycol can be manmade Propol glycol, natural vegetable glycol or a combination of the two. We add pharmaceutical grade nicotine and food standard flavourings to the glycol to complete the Eliquid. The quality of the Eliquid is possibly the most important element in Electronic Smoking because this is what we inhale.

The Atomizer coil is superheated by the current from the battery.

What does the user experience ?

When the user sucks through the Ecigarette, the battery is activated and the glycol starts to produce vapour. The experience is almost identical to smoking an ordinary cigarette. Even, in many cases, with a light at the tip which simulates the glowing of the ‘fire’ in a cigarette.

What is so very different from ordinary smoking is that the Ecigarette can be used once or twice or a few times as the user wishes and then put back in the pocket or bag ready for use again. There is no need to ‘put it out’, and when reused there is no indication that the Ecigarette has been previously used in the way of a ‘stale’ taste.

When an Electronic Cigarette is ready for recharging, replacement or for refilling with Eliquid the vapour production will stop. If the battery needs recharging, the Ecigarette battery light will flash. When the Eliquid has run out it will also be plain to see, and a new cartridge or a refill of liquid can be applied. When an atomizer comes to the end of its life the vapour will stop or be reduced in quality and quantity.

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